Debunking December 2017’s Alchemist Café

Debunking December 2017: HPV Vaccine Myths with Dr. Brenda Corcoran

Human Papilloma Virus is a collection of common viruses that are sexually transmitted. Most people will get HPV infection in their lifetime and it usually clears up by itself. However if the virus is not cleared it may stimulate abnormal cell changes that can lead to cancer in both men and women. HPV virus is the cause of most cervical cancer.

Vaccines against HPV have been developed and made available via vaccination programmes worldwide. In Ireland, the vaccine has been offered to first year female secondary school students since 2010. Initial uptake was high, but after some media coverage of symptoms experienced by teenage girls that some people had linked to the vaccine, uptake dropped. It has just been reported that uptake rates are now starting to recover after a renewed information campaign by the HSE on HPV vaccine efficacy and safety. Furthermore, the 2017 John Maddox Prize has just been awarded to Dr. Riko Muranaka for her work in dispelling HPV vaccine myths in Japan.

As part of Alchemist Café Dublin’s annual Debunking December event, Dr. Brenda Corcoran will give a talk on debunking HPV vaccine myths to spark off an audience conversation on this topic. Dr. Corcoran is a Consultant in Public Health Medicine, responsible for the coordination of all national immunisation programmes. She is a member of the National Immunisation Advisory Committee.

No previous knowledge is assumed and it’s a great opportunity to factcheck anything that you may have heard or read about the vaccine. We’ll also discuss the influence of media coverage on health decisions and what our audience thinks should be required of journalists or bloggers who contribute to the public conversation.

Date: Monday 11th December 2017

Location: The Liquor Rooms, 6-8 Wellington Quay, Dublin 2

Time: 7pm
Admission: Free – All Welcome!

Complimentary snacks will be provided


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