October 2011’s Alchemist Cafe

Fernando Blasco and MathsJam

Most people envisage mathematics only as a necessary tool for science and technology. A tool rather abstruse, composed largely of equations and complex definitions. While it is true that maths provides the language for science, and that its development has been motivated by problems in areas such as physics, chemistry or biology, it is also true that many practitioners have focused since ancient times on its recreational side. Surprisingly, this side of maths tends to be forgotten by both the general audience and not so few mathematicians.

Dr. Fernando Blasco is a mathematician at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and one of Spain’s best known maths promoters. He uses magic to introduce the public to topics such as prime numbers, knot theory, sudoku, topology, number systems, mind games, Rubik’s cube, calendars or quick calculations. He has collaborated with TV shows in Spain and has played in Civic Centers, Science Museums, University Classrooms and other stages

Alongside the talk we will be playing host to MathsJam, a free monthly event for maths enthusiasts to get together in a pub to discuss and do problems, games, puzzles or anything they find interesting, all within a relaxed enviornment. It’s a great opportunity to have fun with maths and make new friends. Founded in London, MathsJam has taken off and has spread to eleven cities. The events all happen simultaneously, allowing us to link up online and share ideas.

MathsJam meet on the second last Tuesday of every month from 7pm. Check us out at the event or email dublin@mathsjam.com to join the mailing list. We are also on Facebook under “Dublin MathsJam”.

Date: Tuesday 18th October 2011
Location: The Mercantile, Dame St, Dublin 2
Time: 7:30pm (sharp)
Admission: Free – All Welcome!

Complimentary finger food will be provided.
This event is a part of Maths Week Ireland, in association with CPL and Discover Science & Engineering


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