July 2007’s Alchemist Cafe

Science of Hypnotism
Dr Vaughan Bell of King’s College London will discuss the psychology and neuroscience of hypnosis, which is being investigated by scientists wanting to understand altered mental states, suggestion and consciousness. The talk will also cover the latest findings on differences in brain anatomy, mental abilities and genetics, in people who are highly hypnotisable.

While hypnosis has been known for hundreds of years, it is only recently that scientists have begun to seriously investigate the psychology and neuroscience of this curious effect. In some people, the effect is so strong that they can have surgical operations under hypnosis without pain killers and suffer no ill effects. It has been discovered that hypnotisability is partly inherited and that people who are highly hypnotisable show definite brain differences when compared to others. As well as investigating the psychology and neuroscience of hypnosis itself, the procedure is also being used to safely and temporarily simulate the unusual experiences that might only occur in certain disorders, giving us a better understanding of mental illness and brain injury

Date: 12th of July 2007
Location: The Mercantile, Dame St
Time: 7:45pm
Admission: Free-All Welcome!
Complimentary Food will be provided
Poster for the event
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  1. Francis Scully Says:
    July 12th, 2007 at 3:10 am

    Sounds like an exciting talk! I only wish I could be there. Would anyone be kind enough to record some or all of the audio, and/or video, and/or some or all of the presentations?

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