April 2013’s Alchemist Cafe

Cities and complexity

The concept of emergence has been around since the time of Aristotle with examples found all across our natural world – from the swarming of birds and fish to the collective intelligence of ants and bees. While these examples are well known, it is only in very recent years that scientists have begun to explore and understand the way that such intricate and complex patterns can arise from such relative simplicity. This new area of science has since become known as the study of ‘complex systems’ and aims to exploit our new found understanding by applying it to analogous examples in our human world.

Dr Hannah Fry from University College London will be talking about how applying these ideas to the workings of a city has the potential to directly influence the way we design our society – from transport to policing and everything in between.

Ants at work by Olivier Bacquet
Ants at work by Olivier Bacquet

Poster for the event, please feel free to print and stick up around your place of work/study (ask permission first).

Date: Tuesday 23rd April 2013
Location: The Mercantile, Dame St, Dublin 2
Time: 7:30pm (sharp)
Admission: Free – All Welcome!

Complimentary finger food will be provided.
This event is in association with CPL and Discover Science & Engineering


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