November 2009’s Alchemist Cafe

Memory Matters

Over a century ago the renowned Spanish neuroanatomist Santiago Ramon y Cajal proposed that: ‘neuronal connections are not definitive and immutable, since, as it were, provisional associations are created that are destined to remain or to be destroyed according to indeterminate circumstances, a fact that, incidentally, demonstrates the great initial mobility of the growth of neurons.’ This theory was revolutionary in its time as it suggested that experience leaves a trace in the human brain. That these traces are inscribed and linked, vanish and change throughout life. They are a form of plasticity allowing each person to be singular and each brain to be unique and free.

Professor Ciaran M Regan of the Conway Institute in UCD will discuss the crucial role for these memory traces in our personal survival and, also, as a creative device that allows us imagine our future.

Date: Tuesday 10th November 2009
Location:The Mercantile, Dame St, Dublin 2
Time: 7.30pm (Sharp)
Admission: Free – All Welcome!
The talk is a part of Science Week in association with CPL and Discover Science & Engineering


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  1. Metlinks 10.11.2009 | Dublin Metblogs Says:
    November 10th, 2009 at 6:24 pm

    […] a little bit of a geeky event? Look no further, head out the door tonight to the Mercantile for The Alchemist Café event at 7.30pm, where a discussion of “memory traces” and the role they play in […]

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