October 2010’s Alchemist Cafe

The Dr Maths Randomness Show

Understanding if events are random or have some underlying structure is a fascinating area of mathematics, filled with great discoveries.

In the short run, chance may seem to be volatile and unfair. Considering the misconceptions, inconsistencies, paradoxes and counter intuitive aspects of probability, it is not a surprise that as a civilization it has taken us a long time to develop some methods to deal with this. In antiquity, chance mechanisms, such as coins, dice and cards were used for decision making and there was a strong belief in the fact that God or Gods controlled the outcome. Even today, some people see chance outcomes as fate or destiny – “that which was meant to be”

Could it be synchronicity that we will all end up in the pub on a Tuesday?

The discussion will be led by Steve Humble (aka Dr Maths) who believes that the fundamentals of mathematics can be taught via practical experiments. He holds the Guinness World Record for the most children learning maths outside the classroom.

In March 2010 he published an academic paper on the educational benefits of learning maths outside the classroom and is presently researching into the effect of parents on their children’s homework His latest academic paper is called The Humble-Nishiyama Randomness Game which gives a flavour of his other two mathematical loves – Magic and Randomness. For the last seven years he has written a fortnightly newspaper column called Dr Maths. You can find more information on Dr Maths here.

Date: Tuesday 12th October 2010
Location:The Mercantile, Dame St, Dublin 2
Time: 7.30pm (Sharp)
Admission: Free – All Welcome!
Complimentary Finger Food will be provided.
This event is part of Maths Week Ireland.


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