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September 2008
Biostimulation in Parkinson

September 2008
Event at the BA Festival of Science, Liverpool

October 2008
Maths Week (TBC)

November 2008


August 2008’s Alchemist cafe

Enhancing Global Health with Advanced Diagnostics
Prof. Brian MacCraith, Director , Biomedical Diagnostics Institute, Dublin City University will discuss the future of the tools used to diagnosis disease.
The future of healthcare in both the developed and developing world will be altered dramatically by the advent of innovative diagnostic devices. These devices will draw on remarkable recent developments in a range of convergent sciences and technologies, such as nanotechnology, microfluidics (lab-on-a-chip), photonics, genomics and proteomics. In the developed world, these devices are expected to lead to a healthcare approach which is more personalised (customised to the individual), predictive and preventative, thereby leading to a better quality of life and greater life expectancy. More significantly, the deployment of such devices, appropriate to low-resource environments, in the developing world could yield dramatic benefits in the efforts to deal with rampant diseases such as HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis. This presentation will give an overview of the underlying science and technology, the expected impacts and the issues involved, illustrated throughout by examples.

Date: Thursday 7th August 2008
Location: Mercantile Bar, Dame Street (downstairs bar)
Time: 7:45pm
Admission: Free-All Welcome!
Complimentary Food will be provided
Poster for the event here.
In association with CPL and Discover Science & Engineering

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